Board of Directors


Kathryn Clapper

Agricultural Sector

Vice President

Ian Rominger

At-Large Sector


Christy Hoel

Educational Sector


Kristi Heath

Financial Sector

Board Member

Juanita Brace

Municipal Sector

Board Member

Allan Harris

Religious Sector

Board Member

Karey Lynch

Industrial Sector

Board Member

Shirley Schable

At-Large Sector

Board Member

Matthew Waldrop

At-Large Sector

Board Member

Kate Watson

Legal Sector

Current Grant Committee Members

The committee is a group of citizens from Douglas county that have volunteered to serve or have been appointed by the Chairman or BOD. All of them have experience in leadership roles from various organizations and/or other Board experience. They review each application and vote to approve or decline the application according to Foundation rules and Bylaws. Then the chairman will document the decision and submit the committee recommendation with the application to the Foundation BOD for final the final decision at each quarterly meeting.

Candidates are informed of the results immediately after each quarterly meeting.

Kate Watson (Chairman)


Judy Landeck


Georgia Wilkerson


Fred McDonald


Paul Freebairn


Current Tuscola High School Senior Scholarships

The Foundation annually oversees, administers and awards several college scholarships totaling over $10,000 to qualifying Tuscola High School seniors. Guidelines are in accordance with each scholarship’s criteria for eligibility by merit and need. Current board member Vice President, Kathryn Clapper oversees the process working closely with the High School’s administration and personnel.

Current scholarships awarded include:

Tuscola Community Foundation

Cletcher-Wessale Memorial

Doug McCumber Family

Dr. Dana Mattix Memorial

Harley & Doris Helm Memorial

Harriet Bell Memorial

Ray Wulliman Memorial

Rutan Family Memorial

Tommy K. Martin Memorial

Tuscola Educational Foundation Fund

The Foundation’s scholarships are awarded each year at the Honors Day Convocation at Tuscola Community High School.

Past Board Members

Listed Alphabetically

Phil Beachy

Ann Beck

John Best

Jason Braaten

Mike Carroll

Kris Clodfelder

Mike Dalmer

Linda Damler

Tim Fedrigon

Marilyn Hancock

Susie Harbaugh

Terri Haas

William Hill

Drew Hoel

Duff Hoel

Chuck Holmes

Tracy Hornaday

Patty Johansen

Dan Kleiss

Colleen Lehman

Bill McCarty

Doug McCumber

Emerson Moore

Kathy Rhodes

Father Joe Ring

Reverend Ken Roedder

Alan Shoemaker

Michael Smith

Joy Stenger

Patti Waters

John Watson

Mary Wetzel

Matthew Williams

Bruce Wood

Scott Zorn