Investing into our community since 1994 $2.1M + funds available

Through the generous contributions from residents and businesses of our community, the Tuscola Community Foundation has over $2M in both unrestricted and restricted funds available.

Unrestricted Funds

When donors make no stipulations about how their financial donations are to be used, their gift goes into one of the Foundation’s unrestricted funds. Unrestricted funds may be used by the Foundation to support a grant, or a charitable contribution to an agency. The following list shows just a few of the agencies that the Foundation has supported through its unrestricted funds.

SAM Food Pantry

Tuscola Community Unit School District #301

Douglas County Health Department

Restricted Funds

In some cases, donors may have a specific program or place where they would like their donation to go. And the Foundation is set up to honor these requests. When a gift has a specified use by the donor, it goes into a restricted fund and is allocated only for the purpose intended by the donor. The following is a list of the Foundation’s Restricted Funds.

Restricted Funds for Scholarships

Tuscola Community Foundation Fund

Ray Wulliman Scholarship Fund

Dr. Dana Mattix Memorial Scholarship Fund

Tuscola Educational Foundation Fund

Tommy K. Martin Scholarship Fund

Lenore Cletcher-Wessale Trust Fund

Rutan Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harley and Doris Helm Memorial Scholarship Fund

TCF/Doug McCumber Family Scholarship Fund

TCF/Harriett J. Bell Memorial Scholarship

Restricted Funds for Senior Citizens

George J.A. Meister Fund

Other Restricted Funds

Robert C. Nunn Memorial Scout Building Fund

William F. & Carol C. McCarty Fund

Miss Tuscola Scholarship Fund

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Invest in our community’s future.

Simply put, we are better together. Our mission of investing into Tuscola is made possible by the generous donations from community residents and businesses. From making a one-time donation to becoming a foundation member, we offer a variety of ways to achieve your charitable goals.