Investing into local programs and services since 1994
$340k + awarded grants

Our grants are made possible by the generous gifts of members and businesses of Tuscola. With the financial resources they have provided, we have able to make our community a better place for everyone. From new tents to our Tuscola Boy Scouts, food and supplies to Social Action Ministry (SAM) Food Pantry, a speech program at Tuscola Schools, and more, we are
committed to ensuring that all the resources we have been given are used to support our community.

Agencies, individuals, and public service programs seeking funding may apply through the Foundation’s Grant Application Process. These applications are reviewed by a special committee of the Foundation. Applications that meet the Foundation’s objectives of advancing the education, health and human services, scientific research, or religious and youth activities in the community are then awarded at one of the Foundation’s quarterly meetings. If you believe that your agency or service provider would be eligible for such a grant, please don’t hesitate to contact a Board member. We can walk you through the application process step-by-step!

Recipients of Grants from the Foundation


The Tuscola Public Library

Douglas County Crime Stoppers

The Tuscola Christmas Bureau

Actors Rural Theatre Co.

ERBA Head Start

Tuscola Community High School

Prairieland Pride Playground

North Ward Breakfast Program

Mid-Illinois Senior Services

Can Do For Classrooms

Douglas County Peace Meal Programs

Tuscola First Christian Church

Social Action Ministry (SAM) Food Pantry

Tuscola School District #301

Douglas County Dial-A-Ride Program

Cunningham Children’s Home

Help support our Community!

Our grants are made possible by generous residents and businesses of our community. Help us continue our investment into Tuscola!